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NewsKnowledge's API provides web services for custom integration of news and business information into enterprise applications

This new application programming interface allows developers to create custom applications that integrate NewsKnowledge's functionality and content into end-users' workflow systems such as customer relationship management software (CRM), Intranets, Portals and enterprise resource planning software (ERP).

This XML-based API provides developers with total flexibility and a simplified development path to customization that previously would have required months of co-development. For getting access to our service you can use any of accessible methods, such as SOAP and HTTP.

Real-time online news has become integral to a wide range of business and consumer applications. The NewsKnowledge Web Service API provides developers with easy-to-integrate real-time news search and feed functionality that can be embedded into custom applications, portals or websites.

How It Works:
  • A user searches for company information or news articles by entering search parameters into a user interface
  • NewsKnowledge API takes the search parameters and sends the query to the NewsKnowledge database
  • NewsKnowledge sends requested information back to the client through the API. Data is processed through a client side style sheet or application, and presented to the user

API Web Service features:
  • Flexible application, web and system integration
  • Web Service API lets you work directly with your feeds
  • Direct search queries to the NewsKnowledge news database
  • Transaction-based billing
  • Use SOAP or HTTP to easily access our service
  • Delete, update, save and configure feeds from your application

How NewsKnowledge's API works
  • Built on top of the proven NewsKnowledge database engine - inherits many of the NewsKnowledge Feed Configurator features.
  • Using industry standard API's and SOAP, NewsKnowledge Web Service API can be embedded within .NET, Java, PHP, ASP, ATOM or other applications

News search

The NewsKnowledge Web Service API provides direct access to the extremely powerful, fast and scalable NewsKnowledge news search engine. The API provides a wide range of query and standards-based output options to ensure compatibility. Search queries can be constructed using simple keywords, phrases and Boolean operators.
Queries can also utilize many metadata fields NewsKnowledge to each of the nearly 250,000 news articles per day collected, including:

  • Complete sources
  • News categories
  • Keywords
  • Language
  • News topics
  • Time and date
  • Location
  • Duplicate news

Output formats

The NewsKnowledge Web Service API gives the option to return results in a wide array of pre-defined export formats, including RSS (0.93, 2.0), XML, HTML, Javascript or CSV. This provides the flexibility for developers to quickly integrate news results.

Custom development services

The NewsKnowledge Web Service API enables you customize existing portals and integrate applications that differentiate their offerings. To support customers who do not have in-house development expertise, NewsKnowledge offers a custom development service. The custom development team is staffed with knowledgeable application engineers available for custom development, support, and consultation.

Please call or e-mail us for more detailed information.

Starter kit special offer

NewsKnowledge is offering a Web API Service starter kit for $250 with free integration and custom development included.

The package includes the following:
  • Free integration with programming support for 2 days
  • 30 day free premium technical support
  • 5000 free credits
  • Custom development

Take advantage of this offer today and call or e-mail us for more detailed information.

API brochure

  Web Service API brochure  (377kb PDF)

Web Service API technical information

  Web Service API technical document  (80kb PDF)

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