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Tools to manage and deploy your feeds

NewsPortal is an easy-to-use web interface for quickly editing, creating, saving, categorizing and deploying saved feeds from our news Configurator are built upon NewsKnowledge's powerful and comprehensive database.

By allowing your company to gain access to the right information at the right time, and sharing this information, revenue-generating opportunities are increased making your company more dynamic and profitable.

Complete editorial control
Create for all employees targeted feeds whatever their information needs.

Browser interface
NewsPortal provides the tools to build, integrate and manage multiple feeds. Wizards and user-friendly instructions make building feeds straightforward, removing the necessity for additional resources or IT skills.

Selected articles can be circulated to individuals or groups within your organisation via email alerts.

Total control
Selected articles can be circulated to individuals or groups within your organisation. Build custom newsfeeds to match business requirements. Saved feeds from our news Configurator can be quickly edited, deleted, categorized and published. Create channels, categories, actions and manage agents.

Effortless integration
Less required time and resources delivers a lower total cost of ownership.
Feature rich tools built into portal

Edit your news items

NewsPortal brochure

  NewsKnowledge NewsPortal brochure  (147kb PDF)

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