Headline News Feeds

For portals and web sites
For your corporate intranet or business intelligence solution
Powerful configuration - quick integration
Improved news feed configurator

Product Overview

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Topic Feed


Predefined topic news feeds, covering a wide range of topics and interests.  
  • World News
  • Finance News
  • Sports News

Corporate Feed


Custom tailored news feeds, targeted to your business's needs. Managed and optimized by our content experts.  
  • Specific Industry News Watch
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Key Account Monitoring
  • Brand or Product Media Monitoring

Custom Feed


Gives you the ability to configure, adjust and refine your feed at any time. Real-time access to critical business information. Be in control and react to new developments within minutes.  
  • Critical business information
  • Highly customized, targeted content feeds
  • Feeds that need to be adjusted often and quickly in response to current events.

For portals and web sites

Attractive news headlines increase the attractiveness of your portal or your web site

The attractiveness and exclusivity of your internet appearance will increase by using our News Feeds. Whether the headlines link to international or multilingual news or particular, vertical content, your visitors will become familiar with your news section and return regularly to your site.

For your corporate intranet or business intelligence solution

Information that matters - real-time corporate news intelligence for your decision-makers and brain-workers

Monitor the latest news, trends and rumours relevant to your business. With NewsKnowledge you get the right information with a mouseclick. Your intranet news will be updated every 15 minutes to inform and notify you about the latest breaking news concerning your business. Receive relevant information, such as news about customers, products, trends and competitors - outsmart the competition!

Powerful configuration - quick integration

Control every aspect of your news feeds online using our feed configurator.

No matter whether you choose a predefined topic feed, a managed corporate feed or prefer to configure the content aggregation yourself: using our feed configurator lets you adjust the feed options quickly and easily.

Powerful export options guarantee an easy integration

After choosing your content options, simply choose your export format, from HTML, Javascript, XML, RSS and more. You can even upload your own template.

Easily control and manage every aspect of your custom news feeds
using the powerful feed configurator.

For each feed, get your unique feed export URL and you can immediately start with the implementation.

The Developer Zone

Our extensive Developer Zone will provide you with everything you need, from Javascript displayers and tickers to PHP and ASP scripts to display and cache feeds on your server.

RSS Feeds

Today, many software solutions can directly interpret news feeds in the RSS format. Of course, you can use any RSS capable software or directly integrate our feeds.

Support and customization

Our experienced e-business developers can help you with every aspect of the integration process - or help you to build your own custom news solution.

Improved news feed configurator

We have collected feedback from clients about different issues and problems and updated our News Configurator

New features and enhancements include:

  • Filter to only include top recommended sources only
  • Drag and drop interface for sources
  • New ATOM 1.1 feed export format
  • Eliminate similar news export option
  • "get code" feed export option i.e. newstickers
  • Statistics for sources
  • Recently updated sources
  • Keyword query validation
  • Feed diversity
  • Source news average per day/week/month
  • Exclude source option so that news from these sources or categories won't appear in your feed

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