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Headline news service for television networks, mobile and digital signage companies

NewsKnowledge Headline news feeds are for television networks, wireless, mobile, digital display and digital signage companies looking for news content for kiosks, digital displays, touch screens, PDAs, sms, mms, pagers and cellular and mobile devices.

Our Edited Headline Service are 10 - 20 or 20 – 30 word news headlines or headlines with a 40 words lead article.

Headline and Lead Service features:
  • Real-time, automatically updating news headlines
  • News items are produced by an expert news team at NewsKnowledge and UPI
  • Up-to-date Topic, Company and personalized headlines
  • Breaking news alerts keep you abreast of the latest fast-breaking stories
  • Captivate your audience: 96% of elevator and 88% of foyer users watch news

Edited Headlines displays a full range of news information falling into 4 categories:
  • News content and articles that mirror the NewsKnowledge online experience with content from various categories for example; top news, entertainment, health, business and sports
  • News content and pictures covering various topics
  • Weather reports that is automatically pulled from an XML feed and displays the current and next day's weather forecast
  • Financial ticker providing the latest market updates

Our service is available as a web-based solution or an on-site solution.

Sample Edited Headline and Lead feed

Sample Edited Headline only feed

Edited Headlines product brochure

  NewsKnowledge Headlines and Leads product brochure(197kb PDF)

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