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  GE Building Plant to Make Nuclear Reactors  
WILMINGTON, N.C. - GE Energy, which moved its nuclear business from California to Wilmington three years ago, has broken ground here on a plant here that will focus on developing a new line of nuclear reactors for the international market.  
17.05.2006 23:33 - Rednova News - Science  
  Conference will focus on digital cameras for locomotives  
GE Transportation will host a technical users' conference in Kansas City on its LocoCAM digital video camera for locomotives.  
17.05.2006 23:31 - Computers  
  Immelt's GE Breaks Ground On Nuke-Building Plant  
GE exec says nuclear power can help "developing world get on with its business.  
18.05.2006 03:03 - Faces In The News  
  Elk River Wind Power Project Delivers Renewable Energy  
The energy generated by the Elk River Wind Power Project, which was dedicated last week, is already sold to the Empire District Electric Company in Kansas, and at less than traditional cost. Elk River, which is owned by Portland, Oregon-based PPM Energy (ScottishPower's U.S. energy business), us...  
17.05.2006 17:00 - Renewable Energy News: Wind Power News  
  Tumbleweed franchisee plans expansion  
Diamondback Management Inc., one of the largest franchisees of Tumbleweed Southwest Grill restaurants, has received $17.1 million in financing from GE Capital Solutions to expand its operations.  
17.05.2006 17:00 - Local Business Review (Louisville)  

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