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Enrich your intranet with real-time media monitoring
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NewsKnowledge provides you with a customized intranet media monitoring portal

Today, it is vital for management and decision-makers to be provided with all available data concerning their company. It is not only in-house data from existing sources which are important, it is also content that is spread non-stop by the media all over the world. This could be information concerning your company, your brand, your market, your industry or even your competitor.

Quickly changing online news, rumors, speculation and commentary have a high impact on businesses. That is precisely the sort of information that executive users are seeking but is hard to find, in an up-to-the-minute form on the internet.


Enrich your intranet with real-time media monitoring

Add to your existing business or corporate intelligence service (CI) real-time headlines from more than 20'000 news sources in more than 20 languages.

NewsKnowledge finds stories from all over the world and provides access to a headline base, which is among the best resourced in the industry. This allows us to provide target-filtered and highly accurate media monitoring for your existing intelligence system.

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Our team of media monitoring specialists will generate the filtering rules to aggregate the best News Feeds to be dynamically delivered to your Corporate Intelligence System.

You are just a click away from having the most accurate real-time information published about your company on your intranet.

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Our News Configurator

No technical expertise necessary

Features include:

  • Searching the full-text of articles
  • Phrase-matching, eg "Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development"
  • Querying hundreds of words simultaneously
  • Excluding words and phrases
  • Excluding/including sources
  • Excluding/including whole subject areas
  • Specifying the proximity of words and phrases to one another
  • Performing case-sensitive searches
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