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Case Study: Sunrise
Case Study: Piazza
Case Study: icms

Case Study: sunrise

sunrise: Flexibility and reliability are the basis for our successful co-operation.

On their communication portal, the Swiss telecommunication company sunrise offer visitors the latest breaking headlines - in the languages they choose, from 16 foreign-language regions that are updated every 15 minutes by NewsKnowledge.

Short reaction time and flexibility:

For their French-language version, sunrise urgently needed a constant flow of headlines. The outstanding techniques used by NewsKnowledge made it possible to provide this in just a few days.


Reliability and continuity:

Full of enthusiasm about our solutions and services, sunrise decided to integrate other news feeds for visitors from other language regions. Within a few weeks, several other international news sources were added. Visitors to the sunrise communication portal are now able to read the latest news in their own languages.



Different languages - tapping the potential:

What began with a few French-language news feeds turned into a great success almost overnight. sunrise quickly recognized the potential of NewsKnowledge and integrated a foreign language news services into their portal.

In a close co-operation with sunrise we added new language regions and integrated the respective news sources.

NewsKnowledge as a global player:
Unlike most other news suppliers, NewsKnowledge is able to integrate headlines from distant language regions. sunrise delivers headlines from the Balkans, from Arabic countries, from Israel and Russia all in the typefaces of the original language.


Case Study: Piazza

Piazza - application of NewsKnowledge's powerful news search engine and database

NewsKnowledge provided Syndication technology for Tamedia AG new classified ads web site


Growth strategy:

NewsKnowledge is providing news and aggregation technology to a new online classified marketplace site in Switzerland, as part of its growth strategy in custom aggregation and syndication projects.


Piazza home - area select


Tamedia a leading news agency:

NewsKnowledge extensive know-how of search and syndication technologies assured them this contract. The customer for this project is Tamedia, a leading news agency in Switzerland. With their proven technology, NewsKnowledge provided the refined spider and aggregator engine, which integrates the classifieds of over 16 national advertising platforms on


Meta platform:

The classifieds are intelligently analyzed, categorized, and depending upon contents integrated into a Quality Assurance Workflow. This makes the first meta platform of Switzerland. NewsKnowledge provides also for this site service and support., aimed at private advertisers, complement Tamedia's existing newspaper and offline classified services.

Search capablities:
Every advertisement search can be filtered by keyword, area, category and postal code. Every search inquiry can be saved and exported as a RSS feed.


Piazza search

Piazza search result

Case Study: Integration into a CMS solution

insign has integrated the NewsKnowledge custom news feed solution, to provide its cms customers a cutting edge news solution

insign develops and integrates the icms content management solution. A major goal is to provide powerful yet easy to use methods to integrate external content sources into the client's web sites or intranets.

Providing a powerful and easy-to-use news solution

insign chose NewsKnowledge's custom newsfeed solution for its cms. Clients are now able to choose their booked newsfeeds directly from within the content management solution, and to place news feeds on any page within their web site or intranet. Integrating a news feed with the icms cms solution is now a matter of just a few clicks.

The clients are able to enter the news feed configuration directly from within their icms backend; no switching between different providers is necessary.

Streamlined integration process

The integration of NewsKnowledge's newsfeed solution into the cms was done using NewsKnowledge's easy to use web service interface. The whole integration process took less than 2 days.


Clients now just select their configured news feeds from within their content management backend interface

Adding a custom news feed to any page within the client's intranet or web site is just a matter of a few clicks.

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