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NewsKnowledge Newsletter Winter 2007
Stay informed with our new quarterly Newsletter
Welcome our Winter 2007 newsletter . As always here we inform you the customer about new features and products @ NewsKnowledge and also shows a featured newsfeed implementation or creative application using our feeds.

And, last but not least, we have 2 special offers to existing and new customers

Product news
NewsKnowledge Web Service API
We announce an API service for customers who wants to have full control over their news feeds. NewsKnowledge's API provides web services for custom integration of news and business information into enterprise applications.

Web Service API features:
  • Direct search queries to the NewsKnowledge news database
  • Transaction-based billing
  • Use SOAP or HTTP to easily access our service
  • Built on top of the proven NewsKnowledge database engine
  • Flexible application, web and system integration
  • Using industry standard API's and SOAP, NewsKnowledge Web Service API can be embedded within .NET, Java, PHP, ASP, ATOM or other applications
  • To support customers who do not have in-house development expertise, NewsKnowledge offers a custom development service

How It Works:

  • A user searches for company information by entering search parameters into a user interface
  • NewsKnowledge API takes the search parameters and sends the query to the NewsKnowledge database
  • NewsKnowledge sends requested information back to the client through the API. Data is processed through a client side style sheet or application, and presented to the user

For more information see:

NewsKnowledge launches a Full Text article news service

NewsKnowledge offers 2 Full Text News services to web sites and corporate customers, a Topical News and Custom News.

We deliver up-to-date information service for web sites that need frequently changing news items, publications looking for short stories, and broadcasters in need of current news.

Topical News Service:

We deliver 8 news feed categories; Top World News, Health and Science, Business, Entertainment, World Sports, Energywatch, Intelligencewatch and "Quirks in the News"

Content are updated 3-5 times per day, 7 days a week, with the option of 5 news articles in concise format of 150 to 400 words or in full format 250-650 words per article..

Custom News Service:

Custom configured news feeds to give you real-time access to critical business information. Gives you the ability to configure, adjust and refine your feed at any time.
This news feed service is for publications and companies looking for product, company information or competitor full text articles, and broadcasters in need of current news. This service features content from international news agencies, delivering a total of 500-1000 news items per day.

Content providers interested in syndication their content with us please contact our Sales Team at

For current customers we have created an online survey to complete:
NewsKnowledge Full-text survey

For more information see:
Full-text news service product page

Full-Text and Edited Headline services

NewsKnowledge has launched an Edited Headline news service. NewsKnowledge Headline news feeds are for television networks, wireless, mobile, digital display and digital signage companies looking for news content for kiosks, digital displays, touch screens, PDAs, sms, mms, pagers and cellular and mobile devices.

Our Edited Headline Service are 10 - 20 or 20 30 word news headlines or headlines with a 40 words lead article.

Headline and Lead Service features:

  • Real-time, automatically updating news headlines
  • News items are produced by an expert news team at NewsKnowledge and UPI
  • Up-to-date Topic, Company and personalized headlines
  • Breaking news alerts keep you abreast of the latest fast-breaking stories

For more information see:

Edited Headline news service product page

Improved news feed configurator
We have collected feedback from clients about different issues and problems and updated our News Configurator.

New features and enhancements include:

  • Filter to only include top recommended sources only
  • Drag and drop interface for sources
  • No more pop-up
  • More Javascript export options
  • New ATOM 1.1 feed export format
  • Eliminate similar news export option
  • "get code" feed export option i.e. newstickers
  • Statistics for sources
  • Recently updated sources
  • Keyword query validation
  • Feed diversity
  • Source news average per day/week/month
  • Exclude source option so that news from these sources or categories won't appear in your feed
Featured client implementation: NewsKnowledge provides Syndication technology for Tamedia AG new classified ads web site

In each issue of our newsletter, we will present you an outstanding client implementation of our news feeds. In this issue, we will show you the example of the Switzerland-based media enterprise Tamedia.

NewsKnowledge is providing news and aggregation technology to a new online classified marketplace site in Switzerland, as part of its growth strategy in custom aggregation and syndication projects . NewsKnowledge extensive know-how of search and syndication technologies assured them this contract.

The first Meta platform in Switzerland

With our proven technology, NewsKnowledge provided the refined Spider and Aggregator engine, which integrates the classifieds of over 16 national advertising platforms on The classifieds are intelligently analyzed, categorized, and depending upon contents integrated into a Quality Assurance Workflow. This makes the first Meta platform of Switzerland.

NewsKnowledge provides also for this site service and support., aimed at private advertisers, complement Tamedia's existing newspaper and offline classified services. Every search inquiry can be saved and exported as a RSS feed.

If you would like to know more about the international, foreign language capabilities of NewsKnowledge, get in contact with us. We would love to show you more.
Special Offer: Web API Service starter kit offer

NewsKnowledge is offering a Web API Service starter kit for $250 with free integration and custom development included.

The package includes the following:

  • Free integration with programming support for 2 days
  • 30 day free premium technical support
  • 5000 free credits
  • Custom development
Take advantage of this offer today and contact our sales team
Special Offer: Free month with each new feed
Each issue of our newsletter will include a time-limited special offer. With this first issue, we offer you one free month of service with each new feed of our Linked News Service that you create between 09.01.07 and 10.01.07. To take advantage of this offer, please send this offer code to XGKW736 together with a list of your newly created feeds.


Stay informed with our new quarterly Newsletter

Product news

Web Service API

New Full Text article service

Edited Headline news service

Improved news feed configurator

Featured client implementation: Tamedia

Special Offers: Web API offer and free month with each new linked feed
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